(Membership and distribution system)

1) When was Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (MGP) formed?

  • On the auspicious day of Gudhi Padwa (Hindu New Year), the 12th April, 1975.    

2) Is MGP a registered organization? 

  • Yes.  MGP is a voluntary organization registered in 1981 under Public Charitable Trust Act.

3) What are the objectives of MGP? 

  • To organize consumers.
  • To make them aware about their rights and responsibilities.
  • To make the traders, middlemen, producers / manufacturers and the government realize the power of organized consumer power.    

4) Who can become a member of MGP? 

  • Any individual who has attended the age of majority, i.e., completed 18 years of age.

5) Who can participate in the distribution system? 

  • Any one who joins a Grahak Sangh (Group of families) by becoming a member can participate in distribution system.

6) What are the types of membership and what are the fees? 

  • Ordinary member who wants to participate in the distribution system. 
  • Associate member who does not want to participate in the distribution system, but still wants to get associated with MGP. Both types of members have to pay annual fees (April to March) of Rs.240/- plus one time entrance fee of Rs.2 (Inclusive of GST).  The membership has to be renewed every year in April.  Click here to download Associate Membership Form.

7) Why are membership fees collected by MGP? 

  • For financial independence. 
  • To obtain financial backing for different types of movements in the interest of consumers.

8) Can a single person participate in distribution system? 

  • No.  It is necessary to form a group (sangh) of minimum seven families.  There is no limit on maximum number of members.  However, it is advisable to limit the number of members to 20.  If more, a separate group can be formed.

9) Can the group members participate in elections of MGP?
  - Only those groups having 11 or more members can participate in MGP elections through the Sangh Pramukh (Group Leader).
10) Whether an Associate Member can cast his/her vote?

  • Not individually.  But a group of 15 such members can be formed and this group can nominate one of them to cast vote.

11) What should I do to form a group?

  • Arrange a meeting of interested people in or around your society.  Our volunteers will guide the meeting on the procedure, rules and regulations.  Those who agree to abide by the same can form the group.  For further guidance, please contact Main Office of MGP on 26281832 / 26209319 / 26230573 on any working day between 10.30 a.m. and 5.00 p.m.
    (Click here to view the details of areawise distribution centers.)

12) What types of provisions can I order?

  • Provisions can be ordered by filling up ‘Magani Patrak’, an indent that contains a list of 85-90 items grouped under different categories every month.  The indent also contains information on frequency of distribution of every item, unit (5 kgs, 1kg, 500 gms, etc.), MRP and approximate price at which the goods will be distributed. 
  • Click here to view a sample indent

13) What is the specialty of distribution?

  • Good quality, proper weight, fair prices. 
  • Demand first, then payment, then supply. 
  • Consumer has to pay mark-up of as low as 8.5% on purchase cost. 
  • Savings of 10 to 15% in cost / bill. 
  • Purchases of only indented goods. 
  • Elimination of middlemen. 
  • No profit no loss principle.

14) What else do I get alongwith provisions?

  • Indent (Magani Patrak) for next moth and ‘Grahak Tituka Melawawa’, a monthly Marathi journal.

15) What are the objectives behind forming a group?

  • Organizing consumers. 
  • Protecting consumers in respect of quality, weight, choice and price. 
  • Educating the consumers. 
  • Participation by a common man in consumer movement. 
  • Provide manpower through volunteers.

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