1. MGP Vs. M/s Lohia Machines Ltd.  
Lakhs of consumers paid security deposits to the scooter company for booking scooters. Delivery was promised within a certain period but the demand could not be coped with. Tired of waiting, many consumers cancelled their orders and asked for refund of the deposit. Despite numerous reminders, these deposits were not returned. MGP fought for the consumers and filed cases at State and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions against LML, a scooter manufacturing company and successfully sought refund for more than 4 lakh consumers, aggregating to about Rs.400 million.
 2. MGP Vs. Reliance Energy
Reliance Energy had slapped notices on its consumers in Mumbai demanding they pay an additional security deposit equal to three months' bills and threatened to disconnect their power supply if the order was unheeded. MGP objected to these developments and moved the Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC). The MGP sought invocation of section 142 of the Electricity Act, 2003, and urged the MERC to restrain Reliance Energy from collecting the additional security deposit. In its order the MERC restrained Reliance Energy from disconnecting power supply to consumers for non-payment of additional security deposit. 
 3. MGP Vs Enron
MGP had objected to ENRON project in Dabhol – Maharashtra and asked for details of the controversial project including its Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between ENRON and Government of Maharashtra. ENRON refused to supply copy of this PPA claiming confidentiality. MGP challenged this action of ENRON by filing Public Interest Writ Petition claiming Right to Information. The High Court directed ENRON to show a copy of the PPA to MGP’s three representatives. Later, MGP launched a campaign and created mass awareness against the ENRON project highlighting its damaging and anti-consumer features. During Assembly elections in Maharashtra, MGP made ENRON as an Election issue. A Committee was formed by the new Government to consider objections against ENRON project. MGP made forceful plea before the Committee for scrapping of ENRON project due to its anti-consumer, coercive and unfair terms of agreement. The Committee took an historic decision to scrap the ENRON project. However, later on due to considerable political pressure and international relations, the ENRON project was revived but after diluting several anti-consumer and unfair terms.
 4. MGP Vs. Aarey Milk Dairy
Maharashtra Government was found using Irish butter contaminated by Chernobyl Disaster in its Aarey Milk Dairy at Worli. MGP activists gave a number of press interviews, wrote articles, put up posters cautioning consumers, organised seminars and succeeded in mobilizing public opinion. Ultimately the government had to announce the discontinuance of the use of this butter on the floor of the legislative.
 5. MGP Vs. Maharashtra State Government
MGP strongly protested against the ‘T.V. Entertainment Tax’ levied by the Maharashtra Government. The battle raged from the High Court to the Supreme Court with constant public outcry as well. The government was forced to abolish this tax.
 6. MGP Vs Glaxo Ltd.
The pharmaceutical giant Glaxo India was caught recycling its rejected Betnesol and other drugs in the open market. The MGP pursued the matter with the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), when all Glaxo factories were asked to close down for 10 days.
 7. MGP Vs Bharat Petroleum Corporation
MGP filed a case against Bharat Petroleum Corporation and its dealer under the CPA for causing death of a housewife due to defective LPG cylinder. The Consumer Court directed Bharat Petroleum to pay a compensation of Rs. 2,97,000 to the legal heirs of the woman. 
 8. Consumer Court Writ Petition
Owing to apathy and neglect of the State Government, 27 out of 34 District Consumer Courts had come to a standstill, for want of appointments of presidents and members. The MGP filed public interest writ petition in the Bombay High Court due to which the consumer courts started functioning. 
 9. Doctor’s Inclusion under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA):
The doctors’ lobby vehemently opposed their inclusion under CPA. MGP was at the forefront to fight for the consumers that Consumer Protection Act (CPA) squarely covered medical services. The Supreme Court gave unequivocal judgment in1995 declaring that all medical services (except those totally free) are covered under CPA.
 10. Right to Choose:
A mass “Satyagraha” was observed to protest against the encroachment on individual choice by the state government by banning the use of common salt and through compulsory sale of iodised salt. MGP fought for consumers and the high court stayed this order and the consumer’s Right to Choose was upheld. 
 11. Others:
It has intervened in a case of negligent medical assistance, loss of an academic year to a girl because of delayed announcement of results, amongst many others.

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